The Edge 

After long days of war and what seems like the end, E dropped a bomb on A she just couldn’t dodge in time. With her heart blown to pieces, what is left of our queen? All is unfair in love and war, right? 

What Are The Chances 

Looks like the lights went out in more than one way last night as our favorite couple put their relationship to the test. King E would do anything to prove his suspicions and A was interrogated with extreme prejudice. But as it turns out our queen is innocent. Is it too late for E to save face? Sources say her burns may never heal. 

Swollow Your Pride

After their meeting on the palace steps, Queen A thought she had E in the palm of her hand. But it looks as though she cant sweat off the fever that is love sickness. King E seems to be worthy of her affections, but everything can be blurred in the heat of the moment, right? Has A met her match or will this king turn into a toad by midnight? 

Mixed Feelings 

If the king gives a demand, then the queen should obey without question, right? But not when it threatens her heart.  Queen A was spotted this morning on the palace steps with King E, her suitor of four months, who waves a white flag. But what should have been a warm convo turned into what appears to be a stalemate. Looks like theres trouble for Queen A and King E. Will she let him keep his head?